Why You Should Totally Consider Having Wedding Breakfast Entertainment for Your Big Day!!

by Singers in Disguise - Oct 2020

Wedding Breakfast guests having an amazing time

The big day is finally around the corner! It’s exciting, isn’t it?

However, the excitement is not without the anxiousness of planning a wedding. Let us be the first one to tell you that the reality of planning a wedding hits hard and it can get the best of you. Afterall, there’s so much at stake and a lot on your plate. However, do not worry.

With our detailed guide, you can let us take the lead in suggesting a wedding day breakfast that filled with fun and excitement.

Without further ado, let’s explore how to your wedding day breakfast can keep the guests engaged and entertained, making the day a memorable one.

The Wedding Day Breakfast

Wedding day breakfast is an important event preceding your wedding. Not only does it set the tone for your entire wedding, it is a reflection of the personality of the couple-to-be. For a couple that is soon to tie the knot, they surely want to make a statement, don’t they?

The Importance of Wedding Day Breakfast Entertainment

Although the bride and the bridegroom are filled with unending excitement, there are many guests and relatives who are not as excited. Don’t get us wrong, we do not mean to suggest they are not happy, but the proceedings could get a bit, eh, let’s say dull?

Wedding Breakfast Entertainment ideas could help alleviate some of the awkwardness between your guests and break the ice before things get rolling.

  • Break the Ice Using Magic

It can often get tiring for the bridegrooms and the brides to walk around, meet and greet every guest, and introduce one side of the family to the other. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

What if you can book someone who would walk around the venue, entertain the guests, and help them break the ice?

There are few options for such a person. The most accessible is a walkabout entertainment magician – a magician who would show provide a sense of spectacle and give something to the guests to cheer about (of course, in addition to the joy of your wedding day).

If a magic show does not sound like your thing, let us explore some more options.

  • A Classical Affair

Some light music can always be way to keep the guests warm and engaged.

Musical options, such as, string quartets and harpists, add a beautiful touch to the wedding. Mornings can sometimes be harsh; soft music, however, can help to make the day a little more pleasant, and a lot more romantic.

  • A Total Blast of Sheer Excitement For Your Wedding Breakfast

We are saving the best for the last! Of course, we are!!

Surprise Entertainment!!!

If you wish to have a wedding that is traditional in essence but breaks all stereotypes of a “boring wedding day”, only then you should continue to read.

This one is for the people who are courageous, adventurous, and wish to begin their wedding celebrations in the most fanfare fashion with Gatsby inspired celebrations.

Hiring our Singing Waiters or wedding breakfast entertainers at  https://www.singersindisguise.co.uk can be the final touch that gets each guest upon his or her feet and make your wedding breakfast the talk of the town.

Our performers dress up and serve the guests as waiters. During the wedding breakfast, when guests have been sufficiently served, the performers will burst into a performance that can be a big surprise for the guests or your partner if you want to keep it a secret.

A wedding day usually has a lull during the wedding breakfast and the evening when guests after a few drinks and a long day tend to get tired, our entertainment brings adrenaline and will stave of the lull completely.


Wedding breakfasts do not have to break the bank. Options like singing waiters are a reasonable entertainment option that fills the wedding day breakfast venue with cheers, applause, and laughter and will certainly break that wedding day lull and set you up for the best evening when the rowdy bunch arrive, we have to take this opportunity to add that we also offer evening shows and disco’s check us out  https://www.singersindisguise.co.uk and book your wedding entertainment today.

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